Best Modular Kitchen Interior Design Ideas In Delhi

Best Modular Kitchen Interior Design Ideas In Delhi

Homular Interior this is a highly requested based on show you the organization of a new kitchen. you would see some of the organizers from our pantry organization and kitchen tour of a rented house what I mean is that I have not junked all the items from a older kitchen. I have retained very useful products from there and yes added few more also. If you would like to know how we have designed this kitchen then on modular kitchen designing tips. so this is modular kitchen it is reasonably spacious for me the dimensions of the kitchen are 13 into 10 feet and it is attached to a dining room. let’s start with the countertop here are the starting of the countertop we have this small round sink. which is mainly used for washing which table and hands during cooking this is not for washing utensils.  we have a separate sink to wash utensils in the utility area next is a fiberglass hob in the corner here is a corner shell where these two containers are kept. with sugar and tea in this beautiful tray on the top is the spice container this is the working space. so kept it empty on the other corner I have placed in indoor plant and a tea light diffuser to decorate this space in this glass bowl I keep tomatoes next is this wooden rack where dry nuts are kept in these glass jars. next to the rack is electric kettle and paper towel roll and here in this corner this basket is kept with filled. water bottles we have also placed a glass water dispenser here this extended counter space or island is made as breakfast counter.

Where I keep big steel containers of rice and wheat flour this gas pipe goes to utility area where we have kept the gas cylinders next is a corner cabinet. with simple shelves this organizer is helpfully maximizing the vertical space and keeps all the items secure created  on the side is a basket which is being used to store. some random stuff such as greater motor and pestle and steel stands to keep hot pans and vessels by keeping them in basket. They stay organized and finding things become easy roti making essentials kept in this basket in the lower shelf deep inside our extra utensils which we use occasionally keeping them in basket make them easy to slide an axis next are these inner tech drawers. The top drawer is used as cutlery drawer where I have placed cutlery tray to keep things organized such as wooden spatulas see strainers forks and spoons serving spoons and ladders and knives and scissors. we also have a drawer inside a drawer to store more kitchen tools and essentials organized in this cutlery tray. The lower draw is used for plastic and steel containers for food storage next is this bottle pull out the top part is used for keeping all types of cooking oils and key the bottom. One is used for keeping mixer jars. Now this corner is different from the other corner this is called Swing corner .we have installed the swinging shelf which comes out easily on the top I’ve kept all the casseroles and my favorite which table choppers at the bottom. I have kept my mixer few calendars and some big strainers.

Now moving ahead with this Innotech drawers the top rack is utilized to keep all types of steel plates glasses and bowls the bottom rack is utilized to keep all the glass. let’s chopping board and trays next are these big Innotech drawers which are used to keep everyday cooking utensils like on the top I have kept pressure cookers karai’s big steel bowls milk boiling whistles and tea making panels at the bottom. I’ve kept some steel pans colander and karai’s next to it is this cabinet for vegetable storage I have used sliding perforated baskets to store veggies like potatoes onions and garlic these baskets are very easy to remove. when needed to be cleaned last are these two drawers in the top drawer I’ve kept some random stuff such as ground paper bags paper napkins snag bag clips paper straws and kitchen towels this drawer has another hidden drawer inside. Where I keep all the packing materials such as foil butter paper ziplock bags foils the pouches and rubber bands bottom drawer is mainly used for occasionally used utensils such as big and small pressure cookers idli cooker big round steel tray or parrot etcetera. now coming back to the cabinet under the sink here on the door I have a task tab in rack to keep dust bin on the other dole I have placed wire shelf to store cleaning solutions. now let’s see how I organize my top cabinets just above the cooktop there are two cabinets on the Left cabinet I keep all my whole and ground spices in these glass jars to make them organized and look good. I use the stair rack on the top shelf I keep extra stock of spices in lock in lock containers and some occasionally used spices in this basket like chewy and rajma masala sambar endure some powder etc. On the right cabinet in the lower shelf I store all the spreads honey pickles and sauces in these lazy susans as his cabinet is in the right corner it is difficult to access things. so keeping them in the lazy susan make them easy to access on the top I stone extra stock of the sugar and jaggery in these containers and different kinds of tea bags in that basket.

let’s move to the other side of the cabinet in the corner cabinet I store zippers some colorful glasses for kids and water bottles in the lower shelf and on the top shelf some random stuff like microwave idli maker and extra Tiffin box etc. next are these pull up cabinets in this bottom cabinet I stole glasses and mugs I have placed this chef’s divider to utilize vertical space at the bottom coffee mug and on the top tea cups are kept and on the side here all the glasses are kept on the top cabinet. stored our dinner set here I’ve placed this plate rack which helps to keep the item segregated like at the bottom. I have kept bowls in the mixture big plates and on the top shelf small plates on the side here serving bowls are kept and in the corner. here cutlery and serving spoons are kept in this mood and cutlery organizer in the next cabinet again the shelf dividing rack is used to utilize vertical space to keep all the glass food storage containers to shelf plate organizer is used to keep all the microwave safe Bowl segregated on the top cabinet occasionally use wooden. trays and snack serving trays are kept this side cabinet is used for storing pulses and beams this side this is the only cabinet. where stored food items as these are frequently needed items I also keep peanuts and Tamron here for making chutney which I make almost every other day dosa is indeed one of of favorite breakfast.

Now moving to the other side of the Modular kitchen at the entrance wall I have placed these eaten sign boards for meaningful decorations next to the wall is a pantry where all the food items are stored the top part has three shelves there on the top shelf. have kept a big container to store some open groceries and another big container of the middle shelf all the groceries like rice flours and breakfast items are kept in the food storage containers in the lower shelves of extra oil bottles are kept in the corner in this basket I’ve stored all the bakery items to prepare cakes and breads and on the side here all the extra stock of sauces almond milk and some juices are stored. next are these drawers where I keep all the extra stock of groceries like in the first drawer pad snacks are kept here and open snacks here in the middle drawer extras talk of breakfast items in this and all the extra stock of spices in this basket. In the last drawer kept the stock of teas and sugar in this and pulses and beans in this I keep everything segregated in these baskets which you would have seen in pantry organization next to the pantry we have kept a 680 litres refrigerator.   Right there is another tall unit where we have placed a microwave and inbuilt oven there is some storage also in this on the top there are two shelves where on the top shelf I store extra stock of kitchen paper towels and foil roll some extra big containers are kept at the back in the lower shelf some random stuff is kept like small glass containers. egg tray glass milk bottles sprout maker etc. lower storage is utilized to store all the bakery tools which are needed when using oven next to the tall unit there is a door which goes to a utility area. where we have a separate thing to wash utensils and we also have a water purifier installed. so this was all about a new kitchen you must have noticed that style of organization does change according to the space available but basic principles remain the same whatever organization tools and organizers I have used in my kitchen just want to say big kitchen never means organized space whatever space you may have small or big strive to make it functional efficient and organized. this will come with little discipline and dedicating some thought process to organize your kitchen it will make walking in the kitchen fun and definitely lower your stress levels and boredom during your routine.


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